Her VP News Instagram & Insta-Story Background is a package of the background image templates in both square and insta-story ratio that you can use to get creative with your own images. The images feature several news clippings of the VP to-be with a light opacity of significant women throughout history. Yes, it is all about the details with these!


Sample pictures provided are not included with purchase and have been edited with a variety of filters and effects. The background images that will be provided to you upon purchase have not been edited or applied with filters. If you need assistance with editing, you may reach out to us to discuss editing services and prices.


You must provide your email address for your images to be sent to you. Expect a 2-4 business day delivery time frame in order for your payment to be received and processed before your image is sent. 

Package of Her VP News Insta Backgrounds

  • Package of Her VP News Instagram & Insta-story Background are background image templates for your use to get creative with your own images. 


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